Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Types of Bathroom MirrorsMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Well, if you’re standing there, prancing in front of the bathroom mirror with your smartphone, chances are that the person peering into that glass thinks they are “all that” and the fairest one in the land.  Mom probably told you that a little modesty was okay, but not to go overboard.  She probably also told you that the last thing you should do before leaving for work or a social event, is to check yourself out in the mirror because you should always present your best image to the world.

Education-Friendly Bedroom for Kids

Education Friendly Bedroom for Kids
This guest post was written by Shari Duddy

Shari Duddy is an elementary school teacher in New Jersey.  Shari has many years of experience in education.

You’ve heard of education friendly classrooms, but education friendly bedrooms? You bet! There is such a thing as a bedroom that engages a child’s mind and imagination, and it can do all that without making him feel like he’s sleeping in his classroom. As an adult, you think of a bedroom as a place largely where you go to sleep. As a parent, you may even look at your child’s bedroom as a place you send them when they’re acting unruly. But your child thinks of her bedroom as much more than a place to go at the end of the day to drift off and dream. She thinks of it as the place she goes to have fun, either alone or with her friends; as a place to do all sorts of childhood activities; and as a place to study her lessons for school. The trick for you is to combine all of that into a place that will be education friendly, enhancing her creativity and learning experiences. Here are some tips from elementary school teachers on how to create an education friendly bedroom for your kids that will not only help them to relax and sleep, but also to keep their minds vibrant and active while they’re awake. (more…)

Top Interior Colors for Girls

Interior Colors for Girls
Well, it’s time to paint the entire house once again, and, though you have a general idea of what colors would be perfect for each room, you decide to defer to your daughter about her choice of room color.  After an exhausting perusal of online color charts, you have proudly winnowed it down to five gorgeous shades of pink and one lavender shade with pinky undertones.  “So how do you like these honey?” you ask.  The response to your query is “gross – I hate all of them!” and she stalks out of the room.  Well, besides being sorry you even asked, and realizing now, though YOU adore pink, the only pink in your daughter’s room will be on an iPod by the singer Pink, you return to the color charts once again while grumbling that you never got an opinion on your room color growing up. (more…)

Top Interior Colors for Boys

Interior Colors for Boys
It’s really all about blue when it comes to boy’s rooms or accessories… whether planning a nursery or the hoped-for layette from the baby shower, you can’t help yourself – “blue” is the only color that comes to mind in conjunction with boys.

Well, you needn’t feel restricted to choosing pale blue only when it comes to decorating a boy’s room.  While hues of blue have certainly been the rule of thumb as to room colors for boys, it is easy to stray to a more bold and vibrant look, or simply keep those blue hues and just tweak them a bit.

Unlike your young miss who may like picking out a new room color and accessories for her room, a boy is less likely to enjoy the whole decorating project and you’ll probably get “whatever” when asked for his suggestions.  So, it is you who must peruse the online color charts for trending room colors and decorating ideas for boys. (more…)

What is Color Theory?

Color Theory
There’s always new lingo to learn – whether it is trending words or acronyms in social media, workplace jargon or even day-to-day living.  If you decide to do a little decorating in your home and start searching online for ideas from paint colors to home design, you’re sure to run into unfamiliar lingo and concepts.  One such concept used by designers is the terminology “warm” colors or “cool” colors when they are referring to home décor.  Well, did you wonder about this terminology and whether warm or cool colors would enhance your home?  Well, if you’re curious, then read on to discover what color theory means. (more…)

What is Post-Modern Living Room Design?

Post-Modern Living Room Design
What is the first room people see when they enter your home?  Why, that would be the living room, of course.  So, if you are trying to make a good impression and show people your decorating skills and interior design savvy, then this is the go-to room to flaunt your style.

Sure, furnishings and accessories help to set the scene and make your home look like it belongs on the glossy pages of “House Beautiful”.  Décor is more than collecting period pieces and adding a few popping accessories to keep the living room looking trendy… you have to know the era to get a feel for it, and that includes the paint as well.  A residential painter in Brentwood would be perfect to help recreate “the look” for you.  And what might that “look” be? (more…)

What is Retro Living Room Design?

Retro Living Room DesignRetro décor is not only trendy, but fun – after all, who doesn’t enjoy the movie “Grease” or catching a TV rerun of “Happy Days” or “The Wonder Years”?  And, it isn’t just the nifty fifties that make us nostalgic for simpler times or a soda with our main squeeze at the malt shop – it was an age before electronics infiltrated our lives.

If you watch period TV shows, like the two mentioned above, you may decide that you really like the furnishings of that era, but redecorating your entire house to recreate a certain period of time might be over the top, so why not just recreate one room for kicks?  The AMC cable show “Mad Men” has homeowners scouring eBay for retro pieces similar to what Don Draper would have had in his living room.  Still others have fun decorating their basement to look like a 50s diner, and others might prefer a more formal setting for their “retro room”, like the living room. (more…)

What is Retro Interior Design?

Retro Interior Design
Are you trying to capture that 60s retro look, resurrected by the AMC cable television show “Mad Men”?

Well, if you like that 60s style, or any other period style for that matter, you need not totally redecorate your “pad” to duplicate that era… a few cans of paint and a top painter in Beverly Hills can do that job for you.

You can recreate whatever era you want with wall color or accent colors and be well on your way to a super retro look. (more…)

Lighting Trends for the Basement

Basement LightingBack in the day, a family was sittin’ pretty if they had a “rec room”, the vernacular for a basement recreation room.  That simply meant your basement wasn’t a dark and dank hole that contained the washer and dryer, furnace and hot water tank, but was finished enough that you could entertain down there.  Perhaps Mom and Dad hosted their New Year’s Eve party in the rec room with those uncomfortable plastic chairs and a few folding tables on which to plop bowls of munchies and adult beverages.

Basement living has certainly evolved big-time since those days.  Now a basement can have walls partitioning off the furnace room, laundry room and the pantry to create individual rooms for hobbies or even living arrangements.

But, given the fact that the basement is below ground level, there has always been an issue of low light or minimal light in the basement.   Fluorescent lights in the basement work well, but once you start divvying up the rooms for new purposes, you must realize that lights will need to be varied and strategically placed in each room. (more…)

Types of Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom LightingTake your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary by installing new light fixtures or special ambient lighting.  It will be a quick and easy way to transform your bathroom and give it a totally different look.  The light fixtures trending today incorporate the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, so, whatever funds you expend by hiring a professional contractor to do the work, will be gained when you see your lower energy bill.  Even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer for some projects around the home, it is better for matters involving electricity, to have an professional electrician perform the tasks at hand.

Have a look below at some of your options as to trending bathroom lighting.  You will like the look in the tiniest room in your home, plus you’ll also like your reflection with that soft ambient lighting, as you can’t help but look good. (more…)