Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Kitchen Design Trends for 2017Design trends come and go, which is why you may want to choose to forego some of them when designing or redesigning various rooms in your house. But when it comes to kitchen design trends, it’s often best to opt for what’s hot and opt out of what’s not. Because the latest kitchen design trends often are influenced by current homebuyer preferences, it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest kitchen design movements when you’re updating or remodeling your kitchen living space. And you’re definitely going to want to keep up with 2017’s kitchen design trends, as these are some of the most slick and snazzy we’ve seen in a long time. Top interior designers have searched high and low for this year’s (and likely next year’s too) hottest trends, and they’re about three things: sleekness, serviceability, and style. High functioning smart kitchens, hidden appliances, colorful sinks, bold fixtures, and tuxedo cabinets—these are the year’s most sizzling kitchen design trends.

Exterior Paint Color Trends for 2017

Exterior Paint Color Trends for 2017Painting the exterior of your home is going to be quite a task, and that’s why you need to choose just the right paint colors for the job. So where do you begin? Naturally, you’re only going to pick the colors you love, but sometimes you just need some ideas. After all, you want your home to stand out in your neighborhood, but for its beauty—not because the colors you chose are hideous! That’s why New Jersey residential painters have compiled a list of the top exterior paint colors that are trending for 2017. This year’s top trends for painting home exteriors include natural shades of green, traditional Colonial-inspired hues, pastels, and bold mixtures of black and white that will make your home pop. (more…)

Interior Design Trends for Millennials

Interior Design Trends for MillennialsYou can’t go anywhere these days without hearing one very specific word. It’s sprinkled throughout nearly every discussion you’ll become a part of. It’s peppered in news articles. And it’s even being taught in your kids’ classrooms. That word is ‘millennial.’ The impact of this generation on virtually every market these days is unquestionable, and their influence on interior design trends is key. Millennials are a considerable driving force on this industry, so much so that top interior designers in New Jersey and throughout the country have their ears perked just at the sound of the word. Not everyone knows which generation is considered part of the Millennials, but most folks know they’re the group of babies who were born circa 1982 to around the early 2000s, and they’re also known for being called ‘Generation Y.’ Regardless of what you call them or even what you think of them, Millennials are a prominent influence on virtually every industry these days, particularly interior design. (more…)

Modern Interior Design Trends for 2017

Modern Interior Design Trends for 2017Looking to update your home’s look and feel? Look no further than the top modern design trends of 2017. Much of this year’s top modern interior design trends can be described as an eclectic mix of yesterday’s opulent style and today’s high tech advantages. Taking their cues largely from media—social and otherwise—contemporary interior designers are pulling the past and future into the present, for an uber-inspiring design experience like none before it. Topping the list of biggest design trends for this year and likely into next is the influence of Hollywood. But not just any Hollywood is good enough for this year’s trends. The hottest trend is coming from old Hollywood—the years when glamour was the fabric of life. Bolster this sumptuous style with state-of-the-art science, and you’ve got a modern interior design trend for 2017 that is the stuff of which dreams are made. From old-time Hollywood glam to modern vintage to sci-fi savvy of sustainable technology, interior designers from New Jersey and around the country are hard at work launching you and your home into lavish ease for a new age. (more…)

What is Suspension Lighting?

Modern chandeliers

Modern chandeliers

The first suspended pendant lamps in history were called panikadilo (in translation from Greek – a multi-flash). They were hung on long chains in temples and cathedrals and were manufactured from copper, wrought iron and silver. The chandeliers were large in size, typically with one or more tiers. By the way, modern-day chandeliers, designed in the classical style, are somewhat similar to those lamps. In the XVII century, French masters invented a device for lighting, made of crystal – a chandelier. It was suspended to the ceiling on chains, and not attached. Chandeliers from glass and crystal appeared somewhat later in Russia. Nevertheless, foreign goods, which amaze us with their beauty and quality, enjoyed popularity. The use of incandescent lamps has also become a real breakthrough in the evolution of lighting. Since then, lighting devices have undergone many changes, getting more and more perfected forms. (more…)

12 Bathroom Gadgets You Must Have

Bathroom Towel Warmer

Bathroom Towel Warmer

The modern bathroom is way more than just a shower and pooping space. It’s a playground full of fun and creativity. Make your bathroom way cooler with accessories that add fun and enjoyment to your personal bathing space.

Whether you wish to jot down all your ideas and thoughts without leaving the shower or looking for an excellent space saving accessory to hook all your clothes and accessories, there is one or another bathroom accessory for everyone. (more…)

Types of Kitchen Lighting

Types of Kitchen LightingThe kitchen is often the busiest place in the home – a hub for family and friends to gather.  If you are lucky, you have a large and cozy kitchen with a huge window to let in the sunshine on those gray Winter days.  But on the days that the sun fails to show up or after it is neatly tucked behind the clouds for the evening, you have to rely on artificial light.  Back in the day, when kitchens were merely a place to prepare food, everyone gathered in the dining room, a simple light fixture did the trick.  But, as more and more people use the kitchen as a gathering place, the need good task and ambient lighting is imperative. (more…)

Trends in Bathroom Lighting

Trends in Bathroom LightingWhether you are lucky enough to have a large master bathroom, or you have a moderate-sized bathroom, with just the right lighting, both the bathroom and YOU can look like a million bucks! With a few strategically placed lights or a new fixture, not only will your bathroom look sophisticated, but you will walk out of the house letting the world see your very best side.

Today’s bathroom lights have moved far beyond that homely fixture way high up in the middle of the bathroom ceiling that cast ghastly shadows on the walls and your face.  Face it – you’ll never score any points for presenting your best face to the world if you don’t have sufficient light in your bathroom to perform grooming tasks properly. (more…)

The Use of Accent Colors in Interior Design

Accent Colors in Interior DesignFashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, renowned for her vibrant floral prints, once stated: “I am a believer that color affects people’s moods.”

Of course everyone agrees with Lilly Pulitzer and we don’t need to be a psychologist, a top fashion designer, or an interior decorator to agree that the color of a room will either make us feel calm or bring us cheer.  Picking the wrong color for a particular room, might make you cringe, so for that reason, when undertaking the task of incorporating color into your home, special care should be taken to mix and match neutrals and intersperse those neutrals with vibrant colors to create momentum in each and every room, to have your home look like the pages in those glossy home decorating magazines.  You could read the tips below or put your home in the hands of an expert interior designer.  If you would like to talk to a professional about the latest interior design trends that will look amazing in your home contact an interior designer in NJ for help.  A top New Jersey interior designer will go over all of your design options and will help you make each room look amazing!

Color scheme for your house

Some homeowners opt to choose a neutral color throughout the house, simply accentuating each room with accessories and furniture, thus creating a harmonious look for the entire home, where other homeowners like the idea of each separate room with its own personality.

So how do you make the distinction of neutral-only with accent colors versus infusing creativity in each separate room?  It can be an arduous task, so don’t feel badly if you have a difficult time deciding which way to go since decorators have a similar issue sometimes.  You can simplify the process by using a color wheel and going with two basic neutral-friendly color schemes, or use the old decorating standby of complementary color schemes.

Using the color wheel

If you use the complementary color scheme, you are choosing colors that are opposite from one another on the color wheel – for example:  red and green, blue and yellow, or purple and orange.  Complementary color schemes are usually found in a more formal setting, like a living room or dining room.

On the other hand, you may wish to use an analogous color scheme where you are choosing colors that are situated next to one another on the color wheel (like yellow and green, blue and violet, or red and orange) in your rooms that are situated in the less-formal areas of the house, like a TV room, bedrooms or a playroom.  If you guessed that analogous colors promote rest and recovery, you are correct!

But, there is more to just picking a color scheme to match the particular room.  With a little know how, you can learn to use accent colors to create pizzazz in your home, just as if an interior decorator shared the wisdom of all his or her trade secrets.

Want to know a secret?

If you study the rooms displayed in glossy home decorating magazines, or you peruse the best decorating sites on the internet, you will see that they follow a certain ratio of color variation for the room.

Picking the perfect accent colors.  You may “ooh and ahh” over those magnificent mansions and their stupendous designs and melding of color, wall, window and floor treatments, not to mention the use of color, but, the truth is your home is unique to you and often times will not work in the same manner.  So, how do you recreate these beautiful color combos without creating a blah and boring, or over-the-top color scheme in your home?  Here’s what the top designers do to keep their color scheme in proportion, with just the right infusion of accent color to make accessories “pop”. has shared this ratio which designers use and it is as follows:

The 60-30-10 Rule is how decorators suggest you proportion your rooms to make the most of color variation.  To provide visual interest in a room, you should divide each room into percentages of the following proportion:  60-30-10.  This means, the overall color is theme of the room is 60 percent with 30 percent of the room providing visual interest and the remaining 10 is relegated to accent – this is where you get your “pop”.  Those percentages are laid out as follows:

60% equals a dominant color;Accent Colors in Interior Design bedroom

30% equals a secondary color; and

10% equals an accent color or colors.

You learned about using complementary or analogous colors above, and how to create a very “put-together” formal room, or a very relaxing and restful informal room, just by the use of color placement.  For example, a room which features light and dark contrasting colors is considered more highly defined and therefore referred to as a high-contrast space, wherein a room that uses low contrast colors (like the second color scheme of analogous colors mentioned above) helps restore a more informal feeling.  Popular pairings that are trending today are black and white (which are not considered traditional colors, but instead colors which add or subtract light) or white and beige (low contrast) or white and gray (low contrast), perfect for making a welcome and restorative environment.

Now that you are familiar with how important color is a factor in our lives, take the words of the late Lilly Pulitzer to heart and create a perfect aura in your home and do your family proud.

What is The Best Paint Color for The Nursery?

Paint Color for The NurseryFor decades, pastel colors have ruled the nursery and young children’s bedrooms.  Parents welcomed baby boys with baby blue tones and baby girls with pink pastel shades.  Blue has always been the more masculine of the pastel palette, with pink being denoted as a more “girly” color.  Parents-to-be chose yellow for the nursery when they opted out of knowing the gender of their baby in advance of the birth.

Thus, the pastel palette, predominantly blue, pink and yellow has dominated nurseries forever it seems. (more…)