Bathroom Tile Design Trends for 2017

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August 11, 2016
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Bathroom Tile Design Trends for 2017

Bathroom Tile Design Trends for 2017

Bathroom Tile Design Trends for 2017

Often, bathrooms are the only places where people have individual moments. For this reason, a bathroom design ought to craft a refuge of quietude and luxury. Whether it’s an installation or a renovation, a bathroom finish is not complete without a set of new tiles surrounding the tub, the showers and on the floor. When it comes to selecting the right styles, one cannot wish away the presence of some of the top bathroom tile design showrooms that provide customized tiles solutions.

A tile design store near you will have many types of tile on display and you will get a clearer picture of what you want in your bathroom remodel. A visit to a tile Design Showroom in NJ will give you a good overview of the tile options that you have available.  It’s imperative to match the tiles with other components of the room. With the right tile designs, one can entirely transform the look of the bathroom and with new styles in the market; one cannot exhaust the color patterns. Some of the most adored bathroom tile designs for 2017 users include:

The Moroccan Plain Style

The Moroccan-designed floor and the plain tiles on the walls give authenticity and personal feel in one pack. It’s perhaps the next big thing in the year as more people crave for bathroom designs that give a modern and traditional luxury. The seamless waterproof materials are crafted to provide an environment that is more tranquil than those with grids and render. Unlike the current trends, the style is much more complete and hence lowers the need for mixing with other components.

The Subway Tile

Bathroom Tile Design Trends Subway Tile

Bathroom Tile Design Trends Subway Tile

Asked about the shower surround or the bathroom tiles, the easiest thing that comes to people’s minds is the 4 x 4 glazed tiles that come in a solid color, trim or borders of the same color. To make it different without losing the traditional feel, the 3 x 6 subway tile offers a white glaze and trim in a different shade. Widely duped as the traditional décor, one can enhance the style using other types to give the room a modern look. For instance, the natural stone, large format tiles, and the mosaic are known to give stunning themes when mixed with subway tile.

Glass Tiles

In modern construction, glass components have found a wider use other than in the window panes and doors. Glass tiles come in different styles such as the transparent mosaics and shimmery tiles with varying sizes available to suits specific needs. Often considered most suitable for countertops and bathroom walls, one may opt for the pure accent style or perhaps enhance the existing glazed tile through bright inserts of the glass tile. They are also known to offer perfect framing for the shower shelving. The multicolored mosaic glass tile formations provide the visual and textual experience that matches the hub, faucets, and shelving among other components.

The Stone Look Tile

The use of natural stone and stone-like construction materials is on the rise owing to the rising adoption of the natural themes. As people crave to get authentic house designs, most are keen to match the exterior with every aspect of the interior. This explains the increased preference of the stone-look tiles that come in simple, neutral and darker tones meant to preserve a contemporary finish. Users have the liberty to select the porcelain tile that resembles the stone or the natural stone tiles that are more authentic.

One of the most common options for this category is the marble tile that comes in varying shades and natural veining outlines. Available in the square shape, mosaic and subway styles, it’s made to give the room a unique appearance. As if not enough, the marble gives the flexibility of mix and matching the light subway and darker mosaic to give a stunning multitextured guise. Whether it’s an edgy, modern or traditional style, one needs to balance the size of the tiles with that of the bathroom.

The Vibrant Spa

Another way to revitalize a bathroom is by turning it into a spa using patterns and shades that are soothing and restful. The Skybridge glazed ceramic tile comes with soft, hushed colors and modest patterns that are neither bright nor intrusive. The style offers a varying shade that varies across the tile to maintain a clear theme with the gentle ripples resembling moving waves. For those looking to add the soothing ambiance to their bathrooms, sticking to neutral and cool colors is the best way to win the bet.

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