Kitchen Remodeling

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Since kitchens are at the center of everyone’s home life, people often spend more money on kitchen construction than any other part of the house.  The good news is that it’s usually money well spent. Indeed, many homeowners recoup a significant part of their costs from the added value a kitchen renovation brings to their home.

A kitchen remodeling contractor can help with the following steps when a homeowner is looking to update their kitchen.

Setting a Budget

At the beginning, it’s crucial to figure out a budget for the project. The cost of a kitchen remodel depends upon a number of factors. However, an experienced remodeling company can estimate based on past projects and current material costs. On average, a new kitchen runs $150 per square foot or approximately $24,000. Nevertheless, projects vary quite a bit and can range anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000 or more. Along with the estimate, a contractor can also give advice on materials and other ways to reduce costs.

Planning and Design Phase

At this stage, the remodeling contractor takes measurements and begins translating the client’s ideas into a functional design. This could include planning the layout in addition to helping the homeowner choose materials such as countertops and flooring. After determining the client’s usage needs and budget, the contractor or designer usually puts together a first draft of his design to help get the project off the ground.

Once responsibilities and tasks become clear and plans are finalized, supplies and materials can be ordered in preparation for construction.

Construction Phase

At the beginning of this step, the old kitchen is demolished and any structural features such as new windows or doorways are implemented. If a homeowner sticks with the current footprint, this phase becomes much simpler and less time-consuming.

At this point, all plumbing and electrical work  needs to be completed in addition to putting in drywall or painting surfaces. Afterwards, things like new flooring can be installed.

Finally, the kitchen remodel enters its last phase of construction in which new products such as cabinets and countertops are installed. This is when the project really begins to take shape. Eventually, after everything including lighting is completed, the kitchen should be ready for its finishing touches.

Service Providers

A whole kitchen redesign is typically a collaborative effort among a number of different contractors.  For this reason, most people hire a home renovation company to manage the project and to take charge of hiring subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians. Nevertheless, many people also require the services of a kitchen designer and even an architect if important structural changes are planned for the space.

Where is the Market for Home Remodelers?

Naturally, new homeowners are the target market for remodeling companies. Whether it is a brand-new home or an existing one changing hands, home sales are important to keep an eye on because people are always looking to update once they take possession of a home.

Another great marketing opportunity for remodeling contractors is kitchen and bath dealers and distributors. They are a great source of residential consumers who often need the expertise of a home contractor. Developing strong partnerships with reputable manufacturers or local distributors will go a long way towards expanding a home contractor’s customer base.

Is It Worth It?

While some may question the overall value of a kitchen renovation, a well-executed project can generate a solid return on investment. Experts estimate that kitchen remodeling returns nearly 70 percent of its costs in terms of a home’s added value. In addition to improving the homeowner’s quality of life, real estate experts also find that home improvement projects usually help sell homes faster. So, while a kitchen makeover will rarely recoup all its costs, it has the benefit of adding both value and curb appeal while creating a much nicer space to inhabit.

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