10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Contractor

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November 15, 2017
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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Contractor

Why You Should Hire a Professional Contractor

Why You Should Hire a Professional ContractorFor homeowners who are planning a renovation project and who may be tempted to complete the project on their own, do not ignore those nagging second thoughts that may be looming.  Remodeling a home is a huge endeavor.  As such there are several reasons why homeowners may want to put away their tool belts and hire an experienced contractor instead.  When choosing a contractor consider the following top 10 reasons on why help should be enlisted from the professionals.

    1. Personal Limits. For homeowners who have watched a few YouTube videos and who think they may have figured out how to start and finish an entire renovation project, they will quickly find out they are mistaken.  When it comes to personal limits, completing a home renovation project is best left up to the experts.  While there are some tasks that may be learned in a few weeks or months, the large-scale renovation details will require the expertise of someone who has years of related experience.
    2. Home Renovations Can’t Be That Hard (Or Can They?). Keep in mind that there will be a massive learning curve when it comes to a renovation project.  Contractors go to school to learn their craft.  They participate in on-going trainings and they have years of hands-on experience—time spent that helps them to be masters at their craft.  This is why a renovation really is a difficult feat to accomplish for a non-professional.  For homeowners who do not have professional renovation exposure, the end result could be a nightmarish experience if something where to go wrong.
    3. Anticipating the Unexpected. It is also worthwhile to mention that any number of things could go wrong during a renovation project.  From termite infestations, to rotting wood, to mold, to asbestos, a renovation project could quickly take a turn for the worse in no time.  This is why it is important to hire a professional who is experienced in these matters as well as others for the best outcome.
    4. The Project Will Actually Go from Start to Finish. While a homeowner may start a renovation project on their own, they may never actually finish it.  This is because time is a commodity.  Homeowners have busy schedules, often juggling work and family, so carving out time for an extensive renovation may not be at the top of their to do lists.
    5. What About Project Management? Just because a homeowner knows that their project must be completed from beginning to end does not mean that they can actually complete the project in its entirety.  An experienced professional contractor will know how to set dates, milestones and an accurate timeline that is realistic.  They will know how to finish a project which can be completed on time and within budget.
    6. Budgeting 101 is Not a Strong Point. Creating a budget for a renovation project is not the same as doing a monthly household budget.  It is quite the contrary.  A renovation project’s budget must include itemized materials to be used and there should also be cushion to cover those unexpected issues that may arise.

Professional Contractor

  1. What About Risk Management? There is also the risk factor.  What if something were to go seriously wrong?  Would the homeowner’s insurance cover any extensive damages caused by the homeowner’s own inexperienced actions?  What if the homeowner became injured?  Would their medical insurance cover an extensive medical stay in full?  This is where a professional contractor’s general liability insurance comes in handy.  General liability will cover not only the contractor, but the home if something were to go wrong.
  2. Who will hold the homeowner accountable for completion of the project?  When a contractor is hired they must keep their word and abide by the written and signed contract that both parties agreed to.  So while some homeowners may be self-motivated (or heavily encouraged by an upset spouse to finish the job), relying on the professionals to make sure the project is held to high standards of completion is an important part of the renovation process.
  3. Quality workmanship is a given when a professional does the job.  With their years of experience, they know how to do the job to perfection.  This may not be the case for a novice homeowner who is trying to save but may ultimately skimp on quality in the process.
  4. Skip the Stress, Worry, and Headaches. Lastly, homeowners can save themselves the stress, worry, headaches, and even heartaches by choosing a contractor from the onset who is a professional service provider.  The completed home will be one the homeowners must face every day for many years to come.  There could be no worse feeling then seeing shoddy work every day—knowing the poor job was no one’s fault but their own.

To learn more about home renovation projects, contact a team of contractors near you today.

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