Interior Home Improvement Projects To Prepare for Winter

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Interior Home Improvement Projects To Prepare for Winter

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Due to freezing temperatures and icy precipitation, winter poses a multitude of risks for the inner and outer workings of a property. To avoid any mid-winter emergencies, proper maintenance of your home is a must.  Being proactive instead of reactive towards inner systems such as plumbing and heating can make all the difference between comfort and a malfunction when it’s below freezing.  Here are some of the most efficient ways to prepare for the winter ahead.

Preemptive HVAC System Inspection

All too often, homeowners don’t maintain their HVAC systems until they notice that something is wrong.  Some symptoms of failing equipment include a less effective system, significantly raised heating bills, or if no heat is being produced.  While these issues can often cause panic and result in emergency visits from an available contractor, preemptive measures can give property owners the peace of mind that comes when everything’s running smoothly.  An easy way to ensure the HVAC system will work through the winter is to schedule routine heating system inspections by a professional.  Qualified HVAC contractors will check the system’s operations, clean the air filters, and ensure that all parts are aligned properly, so that the heater can run properly.  Generally, newer heating systems should be inspected once every other year while systems older than ten years should be inspected annually.

Professional Plumbing Examination

Ensuring that your plumbing is in order before winter can also prevent headaches later.  Since a cold shower in the dead of winter is rarely a welcomed occurrence, some professional upkeep is necessary to avoid such issues.  A plumbing contractor will inspect the hot water heater in search of leaks which can cause major appliance issues if left unaddressed.  Each system requires different types of maintenance, so that’s where professional help comes in handy.  It’s also vital to have a professional inspect the property’s sump pump regularly to avoid basement flooding.  If the property doesn’t have one, there isn’t much protection from groundwater finding its way through the walls and floors.  Floods tend to occur more often in the spring with both the snow melting and more frequent rain showers.  That being said, confirming that the sump pump works properly before snow begins to pile up will help prevent floods when the season changes.

Mold Remediation

Contrary to what some may think, mold can still be a threat even when growing conditions aren’t ideal.  Mold generally grows in moist, warm environments with humidity greater than 60 percent. However, when it’s cold and dry outside, it doesn’t actually die off.  Instead, it temporarily stops growing and releases dangerous spores that act as seeds to sprout new growth when conditions are habitable again.  So even if mold remediation isn’t a priority, it should still be handled by professionals to prevent spreading once the weather warms again.  Mold removal specialists know how to find the sources of unwanted moisture and mold growth, as well as how to completely kill off both the mold and its spores.  Furthermore, professionals know how to remove the infected areas and how to clean up without risk of cross-contamination.  Consider it the first step towards next year’s spring cleaning and the peace of mind you will enjoy regarding your air quality.

Fresh Interior Paint Job

Another great way to prepare for settling down this winter is by giving your home’s basement a fresh coat of paint.  Whether the living space is unfinished or needs an upgrade, a new coat of quality paint and finish can keep the cold outside while trapping the heat inside.  Dependable interior painters can make the process easy and hassle-free, so it’s a weight off your shoulders and another project completed.  The benefit of using painting contractors is that they will take all the necessary steps to ensure lasting results such as sanding, scraping, and filling.  After careful color selection, they’ll seal the color with a finish that will protect it from wear and tear.

Many people won’t take these steps to make sure their property is ready for winter, which may ultimately come back to haunt them.  Problems such as broken heating systems or frozen pipes are difficult to deal with during winter, however, they can be avoided by being proactive beforehand.  They may seem like unnecessary expenses at the moment, but if a small fix now can prevent a more expensive issue later, it’s largely worth the investment.

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