Top Interior Color Trends for 2022

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Whether you’re finishing an extensive kitchen remodel, you’re revamping your entertainment room, or it’s time to refresh your kids’ bedrooms, the colors you select bring your vision to life. From the walls to the couch to the kitchen cabinets, color shapes our everyday lives.

Without a doubt, it’s been a rough couple of years for everyone. And last year, understandably, many people focused on comfort and making their homes a sanctuary from the outside world and the pandemic. As a result, people gravitated to earthy hues and blanket neutrals like beige, grey, and cream. But as we start to embrace a little more hopefulness for 2022, our interior paint color trends are reflecting feelings of rebirth, growth, and sustainability.

Going Green

A color trend that has dominated in recent years involves connecting more with nature. As a result, we’re seeing lots of different shades of green that bring nature into the home. Nowadays, people want to imbue their homes with a more authentic feel using raw materials and natural colors. For this reason, Sherwin-Williams Color of this Year is Evergreen Fog, a soothing grey-green.

Etsy, on the other hand, weighed in with emerald green as their color of the year. This gives more credence to the theme of growth and harmony for the new year. In addition, this color works well with many other color schemes, making it a great choice to add to existing interior décor.

Blue Hues

As the color of the sky and the oceans, blue brightens up surroundings while bringing us back to nature. The warmth that comes from blue also brings radiance to interiors. Consequently, many people are turning to relaxing, tranquil shades of blue for interior painting projects.

A blue-grey hue has a softening effect that works really well in both bathrooms and bedrooms. Meanwhile, darker shades have the advantage of providing much better backgrounds for artworks than traditional white.


Pale shades of violet have become popular for their versatility across a wide variety of bedroom color ideas and design styles. Many people prefer an earthy shade of purple that can be either feminine or masculine. In addition to its twilight glow, a darker shade can also be very inviting. It works particularly well for small-scale spaces like a powder bathroom or a built-in bunk. It’s another hue that builds upon the idea of the home as a sanctuary where you turn off and relax.

Sunny-Side Up Yellow

Sometimes you just have to inject some energy into a room with a brighter shade of yellow. Especially for work from home offices, a little sunshine indoors can stimulate the mind and lighten the attitude. One of the bigger trends in paint colors for 2022 is a shift from earth tones to brighter, sunnier shades. After dealing with a global pandemic for the better part of two years, many homeowners are gravitating to uplifting tones that connote happiness and positivity.

Terracotta Red

Another color derived from the natural world, terracotta, a brown, red paint tone is bold while still evoking a feeling of calm. Since this paint is made from natural materials, it doesn’t come across as harsh. It pairs well with warm woodwork and even some rustic gold accents. The best part is that it takes on somewhat different hues during the day. It can be dynamic and lively in the morning while moving over to rich and cosy as the sun goes down.

Warm and Natural Neutrals

To this end, natural neutral shades add great character and charm, especially when paired with warm woods. Since stress levels have reached all-time highs over the past couple of years, the last thing anyone wants are colors that add to anxiety levels.  

Consequently, light hues and tones (think sandy shades) that bring peace of mind will remain strong choices for 2022. Imagine materials like wool, hemp, canvas and oatmeal along with sculpted rattan and wood for a feeling of serenity in the home.


Colors have the power to influence our moods. They can rejuvenate us, inspire confidence, and calm us down. They also enable us to express our individuality whether that extends to the entire room or the trim or an accent wall.

If you haven’t figured it out already, colors inspiring warmth, tranquillity, and optimism make up the overarching theme for 2022. Incorporate some of these colors into your walls, cabinetry and more to brighten your outlook and inspire hope for what the rest of 2022 has in store.

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