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October 20, 2014
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The modern-day miss might find herself considering home decorating options for the first time in her life after she leaves the nest.  Oh, it might be just for college, and it becomes an opportunity to adorn the dorm room with accessories she picked out herself, and not bought by mom and dad.  Perhaps it is the apartment after landing the first real job after high school or college.  It might even be the excitement of a single woman buying her first home.  It can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never had to pick paint colors, furnishings or room accessories.  Well … you’ve come a long way baby!

The first item on your agenda

Of all the daunting tasks you have ahead of you when you decide to redecorate or simply “freshen up the place” the easiest trick to making your home come alive, both inexpensively and effortlessly, is applying a fresh coat of paint.  The wonderful thing about paint is that while it provides a fashion statement for your walls, it is also an extension of your personality.  That doesn’t mean just because you favor neutral colors that you are blah and bland … using neutral colors gives you plenty of room to accessorize and choose those colors you want to complement your walls.  If you lean toward bold and bright colors, perhaps this is an extension of your vibrant personality, or maybe the bold part of you that no one ever sees.  Here are some trends in contemporary paint colors geared toward women.

Too much pink

If you grew up in a traditional home, your parents may have painted your room in pastel pink and completed the look with lacy curtains, ruffley chintz bedspreads and wallpaper in vertical shadow stripes with little flowers.  It was definitely a “girly” room where none of your brothers would have dared enter.  If you shared your room with a sister, well … it was double the frills and frou-frou.

But now, as a grown woman, you are ready to invest some of your hard-earned money into your own digs, so why not make it a showplace?

Interior design women

Interior designers will tell you that women like comfortable design ideas, attractive furniture, cheerful and colorful … or even neutral, but elegant room colors.  Women also prefer soft home furnishings, luxurious, rich or delicate fabrics, and charming decorative details.  This, women say, creates a pleasant home environment.

Neutral  – This color is like vanilla – it is the flavor of the month, if not the year.  It works best for any room, be it the living room, dining room, kitchen or home office.  Even the bedroom can benefit by a neutral color … simply accessorize with brighter and more-vibrant colors to “pop” those colors to the forefront.  The most-popular neutral color has traditionally been ecru or ivory which pair nicely with any type of furnishings and accessories.  The “newer neutral” is now pale gray, paired with darker gray shades, including the trend of a focal or accent wall … use pale gray for three walls and a darker dove gray for one wall.  Put the darker color behind the bed headboard or line it with shelves or personal mementoes for pizzazz.  Try using gray in the kitchen with streamlined appliances and light-toned cabinets, but do add some bright and colorful curtains, small primary-color appliances and trendy fixtures for “pop”.

The bold and the beautiful

This is not just the name of a famous TV soap opera, but instead it can be beautiful colors applied to your bare walls to add interest and intrigue.  Some of the more-popular colors that are currently trending are:

  • Coral and emerald green – The best of both worlds … a pale coral and a bold emerald green turn a living room into an elegant statement.


  • Jade green and turquoise  – Here’s a rather offbeat look, but it is full of sophistication.  Bright white furniture softens the look no matter whether it is a bedroom, or a home office, it has a lot of “wow” power.


  • Cool blue and cream – Sounds like a dream room for a bedroom since it is soothing and comforting, yet breezy-looking and very contemporary.  A large room works well with this contrast of colors and use bright flowers and black or cream accessories which will give it punch.


  • Lime and fuchsia – A little offbeat, but here are a pair of colors that scream out creativity and are uplifting as well.  The colors together provide a background for neutral accessories to avoid making a look that is too gaudy.

No matter how edgy decorating ideas might be, women are wont to decorate with romantic flair, often seeking to capture a retro touch or nostalgic vintage flavor.  Pretty ecru or eggshell-colored walls lend such an atmosphere; it is a pure and simple look, accentuated by tiny flowers like calico prints.  Ecru-colored walls always lend a touch of femininity to any room.

A good way to coordinate home furnishings is by choosing an accent color and unique texture for interesting and cheerful room decorating ideas.  Tie it all together by harmonizing different textures and room colors.  But first things first – start with the basics.  Consider consulting with an expert interior painting contractor in Nassau Long Island.  You’ll get a professional paint job and since your home is all about you … you’ll be ready to start selecting your furnishings and accessories and start personalizing your place in record time.

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