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April 2, 2015
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bathroom vanitiesIf your bathroom needs a quick uplift simply buy some new accessories to add some pizzazz.  Voila!  The quick fix is done.

But, if you are looking to give your bathroom a totally new look, without the expense of an overhaul of that room, why not consider just revamping your vanity?  If your vanity is old and tired, getting a new one will not only give new life to your bathroom, but, depending on the style, might give some much-needed storage space in the bathroom as well.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, there are many types of vanities today, all with styles sure to fit the needs of your existing bathroom, or if you are doing a large bathroom remodeling job, there are styles which will mesh right into the new and improved environment.

Bathroom vanity trends today

The most popular vanity style is the console vanity.  This is a free-standing cabinet where the sink is dropped into the top of the surface and the cabinet underneath is used for storage as well as concealing the plumbing.  Most bathrooms have a traditional console vanity and they are available from big box stores in various sizes.

Why not consider having a made-to-order vanity that stretches the length of the longest wall in your bathroom?  That way you can divvy up his and hers sections of that vanity and still have precious room left over for the essentials and even towels and linens as well.  A vanity that is custom created by a cabinet maker will be tailor-made to match the room size, as well as fit the exact specifications of the area where it will be placed, thus maximizing the storage space.  Perhaps your bathroom is an odd shape or disjointed – here is where a cabinetmaker can measure and make cabinets to suit any size or shape of the bathroom.

The trend of open shelving extends in the kitchen, bedrooms, and yes – even the bathroom.  Hopefully, if you try the open shelving trend, you and your significant other are neatniks, because that look does not work for everyone.

Another popular look for vanities is the modular vanity.  Here you can choose from various types of  linear vanities, which, as the word “linear” suggests, can line up along the wall, side-by-side, or may also be placed around the bathroom as stand-alone pieces.  Modular vanity pieces come in many different styles but are usually purchased, like you would a suite of furniture – all in the same color and design “family”.  Modular vanities are popular because they work well in smaller-sized bathrooms, often which are square or odd shaped, and the various pieces can be mixed and matched to tuck into every available space in the bathroom, thus maximizing storage space.  Modular vanity pieces can also be custom made, if necessary, or you can simply purchase them in finished or unfinished wood.  You can paint them all one color or use different color combinations.

The vanity can serve the same function as furniture in your bedroom as to storage and decoration.  With the exception of the traditional console vanity with its built-in sink, the more trending look today is to have vanities used primarily for storage or decorative purposes.  For example, the modular styles mentioned above look as nice as a piece of nice furniture and have just as much storage as a dresser or chest of drawers.

Speaking of furniture, a fun and interesting look for the bathroom is to repurposing furniture to replace the traditional vanity.  You can use your old bedroom furniture, with or without the cupboard doors removed (depending on whether you favor the “open shelving look”), and simply repaint it to a color to match the bathroom.  Another popular look is repurposing vintage furniture – try estate sales or antique shops to find vintage dressing tables or old-fashioned heavy dressers or bureaus and use them in the bathroom for a unique look and exceptional storage capability.

Straying from the popular console vanity forces you to go with an alternative sink option.  The trending look these days is to opt for the pedestal sink.  Pedestal sinks are available in many different styles and colors, all which are guaranteed to mesh color-wise and style-wise with the rest of the bathroom, and, if you fail to find a color of porcelain you like, believe it or not, the sink basin is now available in a clear or frosted color, which will match everything in the bathroom.

A consultation with a bathroom remodeling expert in Los Gatos could help you create the bathroom of your dreams – both style-wise and storage-wise.  Why not call and set up an appointment today and see how you can create a new, improved and more luxurious bathroom?

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