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September 8, 2014
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Interior Paint ColorsWarm weather can be a great time to consider repainting your house. Not only does the added daylight of long summer days give you additional time for painting but the added light helps you appreciate the colors of your home much more. If you’ve looked at your home and noticed cracked paint or dull colors it may be time to call a house painter in Brooklyn and explore your options for making every room of your home look vibrant!

Perhaps you’ve perused the paint chips at the big box stores, or checked out up-and-coming color combos previewed on your favorite home remodeling sites, but the idea of pairing up with a paintbrush and a paint can in your precious little time seems like a daunting task. Why not consider treating yourself to the services of a professional? Look no further than your local interior painting contractors in Brooklyn. They’ll consult with you about trending paint colors for every room in the house, make recommendations and they will get this formidable task done effortlessly.

Freshen your interior living space

It is amazing how a few cans of paint can give your house a whole-house makeover at a fraction of the cost of remodeling or redecorating. It sounds easy enough, but if you’ve ever compared paint sample chips and thought you picked the perfect color … until it dried, you are not alone. It is easy to misjudge a color and luckily, the answer to your despair is another fresh coat of paint. An experienced interior painting contractor can help eliminate painting boo boos and get you a colorful makeover you will be pleased with. Throw away all those paint chip samples, and instead, rely on the advice of an expert who will tell you about trending, as well as tried-and-true paint colors.

Trending colors

Neutral is your best option. The experts in interior design will tell you that neutrals, such as bright-white, pale gray or dove gray are the way to go. A neutral tone like white or pale gray is light and airy and paired with sheer drapery treatments allow the sun to stream in year round, and will give you that summertime feeling even in the most brutal days of winter. Natural hues like beige, or even ochre tones, are the current contemporary colors for home interiors. Consider painting the entire house in the same or similar neutral colors, but do eschew traditional “eggshell” which can be blah and boring. Natural Aztec-inspired shades work hard to keep that sunny and bright summertime feel throughout the year. You should pick neutral colors for any room size, from a large living room area to the guest bathroom and remember that using a neutral tone throughout the entire house will allow you to keep existing accessories or allow for change down the road if you desire. A few vibrant touches with a pillow or colorful mural will add some interest to any room.

Soothing and relaxing. Experts will tell you that painting a room in shades of sea foam blue or green will make those rooms soothing and restful. Serene sea foam colors in soft watery hues in your bedroom will lead you to restful sleep in record time. If your budget permits opting for new accessories, try looking for white or neutral accessories to punch up the room.

Pastels are still current. Pastels never find themselves off the palette of top interior paint colors. Pinks and lavenders trump any other pastel colors for the bedroom or bath, and even if you are still ambivalent about just how edgy or trendy you want your walls to look, it is always considered classic and classy to use pastels as they never go out of style. Who can resist a feminine pale pink room paired up with pretty cabbage flower chintz accessories? Lavender, with simple millwork trims painted bright-white is striking and contemporary, yet elegant, as well.

Go beyond true neutral and classic colors

If you are doing a whole-house painting makeover, consider doing at least one room in a contemporary shade or color combo. Interior painting and home design experts suggest trying these up-to-the-minute trendy colors for your home:

Cooking Apple Green – This is a an uplifting, bright and beautiful color which resembles a Granny Smith apple and works well in kitchens, baths and even living rooms. It works well in a large home with an open-concept floor plan which favors a unifying color that does not overwhelm the entire living space.
Stiffkey Blue – If you are seeking a chic and contemporary color, then you’ve found it with Stiffkey Blue. This trendy shade is named for a parish along the northern coast of England and has dark blue and gray tones. It looks very crisp, yet cool and elegant, when paired with bright-white tones.
Ocean Blue – Here is another soothing and calming, yet chic, contemporary color which will whisk you off to bed. Try different shades of graceful and calming blue to keep that Summer look and feel all year round, or pair up nautical accessories for a touch of whimsy in a bedroom or study.
Vibrant Pink – For a bathroom, guest room or kid’s room, why not try shades of hot pink or fuchsia? This is no “girly look” – no frills and froufrou here, just vibrant, beautiful color, especially when paired with black or white. Consider the look of a feature wall of black-and-white tiles for added pizzazz.
Naturally Sophisticated Green – We live in an eco-friendly age, so why not bring some of the colors of the great outdoors into your home? Tones of green and gold paired with such rustic accents as wood or metal give an urbane look to a study or dining room area. It is a look that is trending and edgy.
Citrus Inspiration – Who doesn’t think of sunny, carefree days when they think of citrus colors? Some trending citrus hues in lemon or tangerines tints will completely transform a small room like a bathroom or guest room.

These are just a few of the top interior paint colors trending today. There are so many options, but before you do decide to color your world, peruse the color galleries and virtual paint chip samples online at any reputable paint dealer and then consult with a local contractor who specializes in interior painting to ensure a perfect paint job and many years of home happiness.

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