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October 16, 2014
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Interior Design for Men

A man’s house is his castle.  You’ve probably heard that line before.  And, I guess it is fair to say that if a man is single, he may decorate his home, er … castle in any way that he sees fit.  After all, once he is married, it can no longer be all about him, since it will be shared tastes going forward.  Sure, he can have the proverbial “man cave” for watching sports with his buddies or doing guy things, but once he has a partner, decorating should really be a joint decision.

Many interior designers believe that there is no big difference between interior design for woman and men.  They cite that both men and women seek the same qualities in modern interior design, i.e. that it is comfortable and functional.  But, you know that even if men and women decide on one particular style, and even like the same color or color scheme, the solutions and realizations can be quite different.  So, interior designers seek to offer a couple peace and comfort, balance and harmony, luxury and elegance to create a truce on the decorating warfront.

What do men like?

Interior designers will tell you that men like solid design, functional furniture and strong contrasts with comfortable colors in deep tones like rich red wine colors, i.e. burgundy and Beaujolais, forest green, navy, black and brown.  Their favorite materials and textures are those that manifest strength and comfort like wrought iron, leather, rustic wood and heavy fabrics.  Men favor minimalism and open loft design.  They like streamlined, stainless-steel filled kitchens and heavy-use rooms with are well-organized, have a simple masculine design and are free of clutter.  Men like high-tech appliances that are gleaming chrome.  So, it would seem that the best color or color combos for men would lean toward the dark side – color-wise that is.

Colors that men crave (and some of them sound good enough to chomp on).

  • Chocolate – It seems that men, like women, crave chocolate, but as a paint color.  Chocolate brown or a rich dark bronze are the most-trending colors right now.  They are strong and masculine and can be used in rooms which may be casual or even sophisticated.  Dark brown works very well with metal furniture.  Large light-colored artwork looks stellar on dark walls.  Interior designers say to jazz up chocolate-colored walls by putting splashes of purple, lavender and primary colors like bright yellow and orange to contrast.


  • Radicchio – Well, here’s a fun-looking color, and since interior designers say that men like darker burgundy colors, this one fits the bill.  By going with such dark-colored walls, the contrast colors needs to be way at the other end of the spectrum, so try using ivory-painted accent pieces like bookcases and club chairs.  Very edgy and very manly.  How about using this color for a home office or dining area?


  • Citrus blast – Here is a color similar to squash which will add pizzazz to your walls and enhance any current furnishings.  Accessorizing will be a blast as any color will “pop” against walls painted with this bright shade.


  • Soft pumpkin – This is a delightful color when you want your room awash in gentle, naturalistic tones.  It is a soothing and relaxing color that complements any type of furnishings and accessories.


  • Yellowhammer – Perhaps this color is the “manliest” as one would associate it by name with a jackhammer?  This color is described as “dirty yellow” which in essence looks more like a light yellow or darker ecru.  It is a classic, neutral color which can be complemented with most styles of furnishings and accessories.  This color works well in a dining room, living room or even a kitchen.


  • Camelback – This is a similar neutral color but predominantly with beige tones. This color works well in any room of the house, including those where there is rustic wood or heavy dark wood furniture.  It is a superb color for rooms with a naturalistic setting.


  • Aruba Blue – This is not a nautical-look blue, but more of a vibrant shade of turquoise-green.  It is a masculine look which is trendy and edgy and can be combined with molding trims in stark white or high-gloss black.  There’s a lot of personality packed into this color which would be great in a library or home office.


  • Barrington Green – If you liked the color Radicchio, one of the hues previewed in the prior paragraphs, but you’re just a little wary of dark, burgundy-toned walls,  you can still have your manly dark colors and go with Barrington Green.  Its hue is just a shade lighter than Hunter Green but a warmer tone.  Like Radicchio, it pairs well with light-toned furnishings and is great for a den or living room.


  • Moroccan Red – What a grand color for a room … it would make any dining room or study look regal, just by the color – never mind the furnishings or accessories.  Interior designers say a man’s favorite colors are hunter green, navy blue and claret red because those colors are associated with hunting, gambling and other manly pursuits.  This color is also associated with royalty

It is said that clothes make the man, but a man can make his home an extension of himself and his personality.  The options are endless – dark and bold, light or neutral – there is always room for improvement in your home.  A simple can of paint can lend interest and intrigue to a room, so look what you can do with your whole home!  Let your local painting contractor who specializes in house painting in Nassau help you decide how to create a beautiful home that fits your personality.  He or she will give you an expert opinion on what colors work best for your home plus give you a professional paint job as well

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