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December 1, 2017
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Content Marketing for Contractors

Content Marketing

Content MarketingContent marketing is an important aspect of a contractor’s online presence.  Content such as viral videos, website content including blogs, social media posts, e-books and infographics are all helping contractors across the country to grow their businesses.  When choosing a contractor, today’s savvy customer relies heavily on the internet to make informed purchasing decisions.  They often base this decision on the content they have been presented with over the web.  Here is a rundown of content marketing and why it is important for all contractors.

Why Content Marketing?

Marketing for ContractorsHomeowners who are in need of a contractor to oversee their renovation projects will head straight to the internet to find the information they require.  From design ideas to the costs of materials to the best contractors in their area, customers rely on the internet for useful bits of information.  This is where content marketing comes into play.  Content marketing, or the strategic use of various forms of content, can help a contractor expand their online presence and attract new customers.  By sharing helpful information, the contractor can subtly market to customers without appearing too sales-oriented.  Here are some of the top benefits of relying on content marketing:

  1. Increases Online Presence. Because there are so many different content avenues available, contractors can quickly boost their digital exposure.  With huge amounts of daily users on the internet, and with consistent posting, a contractor will surely reach hundreds if not thousands of potential customers who are online and searching for a contractor near them.
  2. Boosts Website Traffic. With consistently posted content, a contractor will witness increased interest in their business.  What’s more is that online content can even encourage online viewers to visit the website directly.  For instance, a strategically placed call to action could encourage an online reader to visit the website to learn more about the contractor.  Additionally, a well-designed website represents the cornerstone for any company that is online.  Those who are most curious about a contractor’s services will visit the website to learn more about what the contractor has to offer.
  3. Expands Sales. Listening to social media comments helps to expand the contractor’s total customer base.  This is especially true for social media content.  For example, when a contractor posts on their social media accounts and followers make comments, a contractor who is most responsive will certainly impress the customer.  This can increase sales and is a key technique that get others to spread the word about the business.
  4. Cuts Costs. Content marketing is affordable for contractors.  In fact, establishing online channels such as setting up a blog or a social media account are typically free!  What’s so great about content marketing is that when compared to traditional marketing—such as the high costs of printing, television commercials, or costly billboards—content marketing is only a fraction of the cost.  This means contractors can save money up front with the potential for a much wider return on investment than traditional marketing ever could.
  5. Boosts Brand Recognition. Content marketing is also important for branding.  As the contractor puts more and more content out there, the posted material will become synonymous with the brand.  One important thing to keep in mind is that content should be based on the needs of the customers and not on the contractor’s own needs.  Keep this perspective in mind will help to reinforce the contractor’s focus on attracting the ideal client through their branded content.
  6. Is Useful to the Customer. Furthermore, content should be helpful to the customer.  In other words, content that addresses the customer’s questions, speaks to their needs, and that they find useful in their everyday lives is the type of content that will help a contractor grow their services.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Lastly, the power of SEO is undeniable.  SEO is the strategic use of keywords and phrases online that help a contractor’s services rank highly in search engine results.  For instance, if a customer searches using a term like “contractor in my area”, websites with this key term that are deemed relevant by the search engine will appear.  This is important for contractors who want to differentiate themselves from other competitors in the area.

Keep these important benefits in mind when it comes to content marketing for contractors.  Contractors can rely on digital content to expand their businesses and boost their bottom lines in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional marketing efforts.  To learn more about content marketing for contractors contact a team of digital marketing professionals today for more information.

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