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October 6, 2014
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Contemporary Interior Design Trends

It seems that one of the most-popular, and maybe even overused, words today is “trending”.  Social media uses this word to describe videos gone viral, a hot topic of the day or the most-tweeted post in the “Twittersphere”.  Interior designers frequently use the word “trending” when they talk about contemporary interior design.  The word “contemporary” has become a catch-all term for colors, furnishings and accessories that fall into that realm of decorating style.  The description of interior design that is “contemporary” should not be confused with interior design that is “modern”.  Those two words, as it pertains to interior design, are not interchangeable.    The word “modern” as a style concept means timeless and iconic, i.e. a defined style which does not change, and will remain such forever.  “Modern” interior design is a style that is more of a minimalist concept while “contemporary” is more current and for the moment.  Incorporating a “contemporary style” into your home means the interior of the home may be current and trendy today, but may be very dated in a decade from now.

Examples of contemporary interior design

Perhaps you have a new apartment or house and are decorating from scratch.  You could opt for a contemporary style in everything from wall colors to accessories to furnishings.  But, even if your budget does not permit a complete re-do of your residence, you could start by acquiring a few contemporary pieces or simply adding a few touches at a time.

As to furniture, the contemporary style in interior design, gives you some freedom to express yourself and let your home be an extension of yourself.  Go ahead and be creative and see where it takes you.  The highest compliment someone could pay you upon seeing your redecorated abode would be to say “oh, this is so you!”


It is important to note that if you wish to capture the style known as contemporary into your home, it is not necessary to buy out the entire furniture store to do so.  You can feel free to mix and match pieces of furniture to get a look that pleases you and is trendy.  You won’t want to use any historical-type pieces of furniture for this look, but … contemporary design mixes up a style which is popular or trending now right along with pieces and styles from various eras.   You can blur the lines a bit and use some styles that are more modern like traditional moldings and millwork to break up and/or add interest to the wall space, or, consider factoring some of your own existing furniture into the mix.  Then, add new more contemporary pieces and accessories as you go along.  The phrase for a mix-and-match approach would be termed “contemporary-modern” and allows you to be current and trendy without breaking the bank.



New wall color can breathe new life into your home

If you’re itching to add some decorative touches to your home, without a lot of bother and expense, consider infusing your home with a whole new color scheme.  A whole-home paint job, or even just a new coat of paint in any room, can certainly infuse your home with a contemporary style without a lot of added cost.  If that task seems formidable to you, you might consider hiring a contractor who is experienced in house painting in Morris County, New Jersey area.  That expert painter is knowledgeable in what types of paint colors work well according to your home, taking into account the size and shape of each room, its primary use and how frequently you paint.  He or she will also be able to suggest colors if you wish to use existing furniture and accessories or whether you decide to opt for all new items.  If you’ve ever repainted the interior of your home, you know it can be a daunting task.  It becomes a daily effort of moving around furniture, then living out of boxes and without the ordinary conveniences, as you use up a few weeks of precious vacation time and all your weekend free time to get the job done.  Sure, your house looks great after the painting is completed and the house is restored to normal, but you are too pooped to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  An experienced painter can get the job done quickly and expertly and you’ll wonder why you struggled with the job all those times in the past.   Keep reading to see some options to add a contemporary style to your home, ranging from the addition of new wall color to accessories and furniture.

Basic, bare and bold!

  • Colors – Consider moving from strictly neutral ivory, beige or gray tones, and go right to shades that are balanced, warm and bright.  Bypass pastels altogether.  Bright and bold colors are the way to go and if you want to be bold without vibrant colors, why not use black as your bold color?  Black is often used to define a contemporary style room.  As a general rule of thumb, for contemporary design, the brighter and bolder the walls, the accessories should be more neutral colored and low key so that the look is not too “busy”.


  • Finishes – Wood veneer and solid wood doors and frames will add polish to the room or you might try using panels made of leather or a leather look.


  • Textures – Contemporary looks favor textures like velvet, plush or upholstered pieces but don’t hold onto anything that is a floral-looking print because it won’t work in a modern-contemporary look.


  • Accessories – Just like new wall colors, accessories can totally change the look of a room.  Get rid of small decorations and clutter.  Swap small pillows for large ones with geometric shapes and vibrant colors to add verve and vitality to the room.  Remember … less is more.


  • Flooring – Floors should be bare and smooth in wood, tile or vinyl in homes with a contemporary -modern flair.  Basically, carpeting is eschewed with a contemporary or modern-contemporary look, but, if you prefer the look of carpeting, keep the contemporary look in place by adding area rugs in colorful or geometric patterns.


  • Furniture – If you’ve got some Scandinavian-style furniture, keep it and mix it in for your new modern-contemporary look.  This furniture style is very popular for its look which is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, and will add to the clean lines you are seeking to achieve.  Your mantra is “less is more” when trying to capture a modern-contemporary look.  Discard furniture that has fabric with fringe, trim or tassels, and aim for a basic, bare, but bold style.

You can create a contemporary style in your home almost effortlessly by using some of the pointers above … the key to remember in contemporary interior design is “less is more”

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