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October 28, 2014
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November 14, 2014
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Sugar and spice,

And all things nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

~ Author Unknown

A more contemporary look

Well that was the little girls of yesterday and today’s little girls might just wallop you if they are associated with girly, frilly and feminine rooms.  The modern girl needs a bedroom that is not just a place to line up her dolls in a row upon a shelf and a pile of pillows to plop down on, but, instead a room that accommodates all her electronics, a place to study, gather with girlfriends and dream about what the future holds.

It used to be that a child went from crib to starter bed, then eventually got grown-up furniture.  All these sets of furnishings used to set the parents back a pretty penny.  Now the trend is to purchase the starter bed which will eventually morph into the permanent bed which matches the rest of the bedroom suite.  Thus, most likely those furnishings are permanent, but you can freshen up the room by changing the paint color and accessories.  If one bedroom suite will suffice until your young miss is ready to embark on a new life away from home … be it going away to college or moving to an apartment on her own or with friends, what paint colors could you use to keep the room looking trendy and contemporary without ever being boring and staid?  A fresh coat of paint has the ability to make a room look bright and new, especially when a few accessories are added into the mix occasionally.  Paint colors, just like your young miss, change constantly so why not peruse the color options below and see what is trending in paint colors for girls these days?

Timeless color for girls

Pastel pink is the color for girls and you know it.  Before the anticipated birth of a baby girl, the nursery is painted in pale pink and accessorized in pink and white accessories.  Blankets and bonnets are collected in pastel pink; yes … pastel pink rules.  It’s a color that works well, especially when the furniture for most young girls’ rooms is white.  That’s a classic look for a young girl’s room because if you go too neutral, like a light gray or an eggshell or ecru shade, it might look too blah.  Bold and bright colors might look great at first, but it would be a look that you might tire of eventually, or would you?

Bold and beautiful for a girl’s room

Here are some of the trending colors, guaranteed to keep your young girl’s room looking fresh and contemporary:

  • Lime green – Before you  shudder and look for the next suggested color, just picture lime green on three walls and a neutral white on the fourth wall behind the bed.  The wall behind the bed could be a focal or accent wall with which to adorn with cherished pictures, or shelves containing precious mementoes.  Any accessories would be in a pictures framed in a rainbow of colors to complement the lime green walls.  As an example, how about bright yellow, cerise and orange colors for the curtains, bedding, rug and artwork?  White furniture softens the use of the bold colors yet provides an excellent contrast.


  • Marine blue – It’s a fun look just for girls’ rooms because it is bright blue and far from that paint color you would normally associate with boys, i.e. pastel blue.  Marine blue works well, especially when paired with other bright colors and when decals are applied to walls and ceilings for a whimsical look.


  • Bright yellow – Classic or contemporary, you might have favored a sunny yellow hue for the kitchen only, but look for it as a possibility for bedroom paint colors for young girls.  The sunny yellow is welcoming, especially in a room with large windows and Priscilla curtains which let in the sunshine.  Try mixing and matching some white rattan furniture à la one little table with matching chairs to conduct tea parties, then use a more traditional white bed, desk or computer hutch that can be used for homework.


  • Raspberry and peach – In large rooms, to create a harmonious look,  paint big, brightly colored squares in various sizes right onto a wall painted pale peach or ecru.  The contrast colors will lend depth to the room and will make it easy to accessorize.  Trending complementary bold colors are raspberry, orange, and fuchsia.  Wow!


  • Tangerine and blueberry – A color scheme in shades like tangerine sherbet with electric blueberry accessories is edgy and very colorful.  Accessories and wall art are done in abstract prints or large graphics … nothing frilly or flowery here; it’s strictly all about fun.


  • Pastels with chocolate – Pink and blue and brown are something different to try.  Either lighter or darker hues of pink and blue may be paired with chocolate accessories to make a bold statement.  Try repurposing wooden furniture – don’t keep it boring brown, but paint it bright white.  Go for the unusual and paint an old secretary desk bright white and add desktop accessories to match the curtains and bedding .


  • Rose and sage – Imagine a room that is pleasing to the eye, yet makes a contemporary fashion statement.  Try pairing shades of rose with sage then complement those colors with more traditional accessories, like chintz or large-flowered prints, incorporating both those colors.  Aim for two or three walls in the lighter color, sage, and the focal wall in dark rose or flip-flop those colors as either works well.


  • Mauve and magenta – More contemporary than some of the previous colors, mauve and magenta together create a definite edgy look.  Pale mauve walls with magenta accessories are a throwback to the “mod” colors of the 60s.  Maybe that’s why you’ll like this look so much?


  • Pumpkin and violet – Here’s an ultramodern color scheme once again with a 60s twist.  Three pumpkin-colored walls and one accent wall in vibrant violet create a fashion rage.  Big-flower accessories for bedding or curtains or even “flower power” on the walls is very reminiscent of a look from five decades ago.  This “flower power” is not the girly stuff from back in the day – this is très chic and stylish.

All these options above infuse a lot of color into a room made especially for girls, no matter what the age.  Whether it is a little girl’s playroom or a place to yak with friends, it is all girl … just without the frills and frou-frou.

So stick with the classic pink and white colors if you must … go ahead and keep that pretty permanently posed spinning ballerina on the jewelry box sitting atop the dresser, because maybe this IS what little girls are made of.  But, the next time you are willing to try for a bedroom with a truly contemporary look for your thoroughly modern miss, peruse the more unique and bolder palettes and then consult with a painting contractor that specializes in house painting in Brooklyn Heights to help you achieve that look.

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