6 Great Decorating Ideas for Stair Risers

Decorating Ideas for Stair Risers

Decorating Ideas for Stair Risers

The stairs in your home are an important focal point. They are one of the first things that visitors see, so you want them to look good. It’s also good to change the look of your stairs from time to time, to help freshen up the décor in your home.

You can opt to change your staircase altogether; maybe you want to incorporate some glass or metal, for a change. You can learn more about doing this. Alternatively, you can opt to change just one aspect of your staircase, such as decorating the risers. Here are some ideas that you may find useful, if you are looking for inspiration.

Create your own stencils

If you want a unique look for your stair risers, you may want to spend some time creating stencils you can use. Doing this means that you can get exactly the right design, and you do not have to spend a fortune to achieve an impressive effect.

Make use of wallpaper

Stair Risers

Stair Risers

Wallpaper is not just for use on the walls of your home. Many people use wallpaper on ceilings. You can also use it to enliven the risers on your staircase. Choose wallpaper that fits with the general décor of your living space.

Create a collage

If you want to achieve a really unusual look, you can use several different wallpapers combined together. This option requires a lot of patience, if you want to achieve a successful end result. But, you will be rewarded for your patience, with a truly unique design, which makes your staircase stand out.

Amuse your kids with a chalkboard

This is a creative idea for stair riser design which will keep your kids happy. You can use a chalkboard on each riser, and provide your kids with a set of chalks, so that they can use their imagination, and create their own designs. Even if you do not have kids, this option can work well. You can use the boards to draw your own designs, or display quotes that you love. The best thing about using chalk boards on your stair risers is that the design can change each day.

Go for bright designs with a paintbrush

A splash of color can make a big difference to a staircase. It’s also really easy to achieve. All you need is different colored paint, and a brush or roller. Painting stair risers is a quick and simple way to get a whole new look for your staircase.

Opt for striking tiles

Tiling is not always easy to do, so you may need to hire a professional tiler, if you go for this option. This is worth doing, as you can get a creative design, using tiles that you simply have to wipe over to keep clean.

All of these ideas can be adopted, to make a big difference to the look of stairs in your home. Hopefully, you will find something to inspire you to refresh your staircase today.