How to kill fleas and get rid of them for good



Fleas may not be quite as common a household pest as ants or spiders, but if you have pets, they can be a far worse problem. Before you call an exterminator service, you should have an idea what you’re dealing with.


The unique problem with fleas is that they live on pets (or people) but they can temporarily be found in carpets or upholstery. That means you have to target living animals as well as your surroundings, or the fleas just move around to avoid the pesticide.


The best way to deal with fleas is to keep them out of your house in the first place. Unlike other insects that creep in on their own, fleas will always be carried in on an animal, or your own clothing if you have contact with animals outside. Any indoor-outdoor pets should be treated regularly, not just when you think there is a problem. Check them for fleas, especially in the warmer months, so you can take care of the problem before it gets all over the house.


There are a number of over-the-counter flea collars and other drop treatments that can be helpful but aren’t always the safest for your pets. Stick with vet-approved products if you can.

Animal Treatment

Now we’re talking about killing the fleas once they have gotten into the house, rather than prevention. Get good-quality medication (usually drops that are placed on the back of the neck), and be patient about combing through fur with a fine flea or lice comb to remove as many fleas as you can. As you comb them out, immediately crush them or drop them into a bowl of water. Living fleas will jump quickly from the comb and end up loose in the room.


For a more natural approach, you can try dusting their fur with diatomaceaous earth. The fine particles in the powder can kill insects but are harmless for animals and people. This is a good option for a small outbreak but if you have a large population of fleas, you should probably bite the bullet and go for a pesticide solution.

While you are waiting for the treatments to work (it can take days or longer, since there may be multiple applications), isolate the animals so they are not potentially spreading fleas or eggs all over the house.


Carpet and Furniture Treatment

This is where it can get tricky. Fleas and eggs in the carpets or on the furniture are harder to get rid of. Anything removable should be washed in very hot water and dried on high as well to kill eggs or live fleas. That includes clothing, pillows, bed linen and any removable furniture coverings.

Carpets can be treated with pesticides, either using retail products or by having a professional come in. Before applying anything, give everything a thorough vacuuming and dispose of the bag or canister in a sealing plastic bag.

The key to successful flea treatment is being very thorough with both animals and surroundings, and keeping up these tactics for a few weeks to really ensure that the pests are gone

5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying A Home

The Perfect Home

The Perfect Home

Before you even think about what type of home you should buy, or consider applying for a mortgage, you need to think about whether buying is the best option for you. You do have the option to rent a property instead. There are pros and cons to owning a property that you need to think about carefully.

Once you have made the decision to buy a property, you need to plan carefully, and make sure that you end up with the best possible home purchase at the end of the day. Here are five important things that you need to consider when you are buying a home.

What sort of home can you afford?

We have all seen that idyllic home on the front of a magazine that we dream of living in. But you have to be realistic about the type of property you can afford to buy. It may take years to save up the deposit you need, and then you need to secure a mortgage agreement. You should do this before you start looking for a property seriously.

What is your preferred location?

You may not always be able to buy a property in the perfect location, but you do need to make sure that you will be happy in the area, and that it has all of the facilities you need. When you are looking at areas where you would potentially like to buy a home, consider aspects such as crime rate, age demographic and the quality of local schools, if you have children.

Are there any local restrictions you need to know about?

There may be local restrictions that restrict actions you can take, such as making changes to the property you buy. This is especially likely to be the case if you choose to live in a conservation area. Always check with the local council, to see if there are any restrictions in place, before you commit to buying a property.

What are the neighbours like?

It does not matter how great a property is, if the people next door are likely to be the neighbours from hell, you should probably not purchase it. If you have the confidence to do it, it’s worth knocking on a few doors, just to see exactly who you will be living close to, if you buy the property you are interested in.

What is the condition of the property you are looking at?

It may be that you are willing to take on a certain amount of renovation work after you buy a property, but it’s still important to know about the exact condition of a property, before you buy. Having a survey carried out, and getting a dilapidation report  on the property, can provide you with all of the information you need.

Buying a home is a major investment, so you need to make sure that you take your time, and consider all of the aspects we have highlighted. Doing so helps to make sure that you buy the home which is best for you, as well as being a good investment. 

Content Marketing for Contractors

Content MarketingContent marketing is an important aspect of a contractor’s online presence.  Content such as viral videos, website content including blogs, social media posts, e-books and infographics are all helping contractors across the country to grow their businesses.  When choosing a contractor, today’s savvy customer relies heavily on the internet to make informed purchasing decisions.  They often base this decision on the content they have been presented with over the web.  Here is a rundown of content marketing and why it is important for all contractors.

Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Social Media MarketingOver the last few years, social media has changed the ways in which contractors do business.  For instance, social media marketing has created profound shifts in how contractors reach new customers and even interact with existing ones.  This is because social media platforms have fostered communities of followers who engage with a contractor’s services in ways that traditional marketing never could.  And unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing has a much wider, global reach.  This means the contractor now has access to a global platform of supporters, followers, and other industry professionals, all through the click of a button.  Here is the complete run down on social media marketing for contractors.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Contractor

Why You Should Hire a Professional ContractorFor homeowners who are planning a renovation project and who may be tempted to complete the project on their own, do not ignore those nagging second thoughts that may be looming.  Remodeling a home is a huge endeavor.  As such there are several reasons why homeowners may want to put away their tool belts and hire an experienced contractor instead.  When choosing a contractor consider the following top 10 reasons on why help should be enlisted from the professionals.

How to Choose the Best Contractor

Choose the Best ContractorSelecting the right contractor for a home renovation project has never been easier.  As one of the most important decisions that a homeowner can make, choosing a contractor can determine the success or failure of a project.  For homeowners who are looking for a contractor for their next home renovation project, the following tips can help to save time, money and energy and prevent a hiring decision gone wrong.

Five top home upgrades for investment return

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market? If so, you will probably want to make sure that you get the best selling price. Upgrading your home can help you do this. You may be surprised to learn that even minor remodelling, and some improvements to your outside space, could add up to 10% to the value of your property.

This is an attractive proposition even if you are not moving. It’s still a good idea to try and increase the value of your home as much as possible. Doing so can help improve your financial security in the years ahead.

Adding a garden room to your home

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of a property is to increase the amount of space. You can do this by adding a garden room to your home. You add more square footage to the floor plan of the property, and you can relax in the comfort of the room, and enjoy the garden, no matter what the weather is like. This is an appealing prospect for you, and for most potential property buyers. It’s important to ensure that you invest in a good quality garden room, as poor quality construction could actually decrease the value of your property.

remodeling in the bathroom or kitchen

You do not need to replace everything in your kitchen or bathroom to add value to your property. Even re-tiling a bathroom, or refurbishing kitchen cabinets, can make the rooms more attractive to potential buyers, which in turn increases the value of your property. Spending smaller amounts of money means that you are pretty much guaranteed to secure a significant return on your investment.

Cladding the exterior of your home

We live in an era when great emphasis is placed on energy efficiency. One way of helping to improve efficiency levels in your home is to install vinyl house cladding. Doing so provides you with two advantages. The cladding helps to insulate your home, which in turn means that you should end up spending less on energy costs, while you are living in the property. Over time, this means that you should secure a healthy return on your investment. You should also see your return grow if you sell your property, as this type of improvement should help to significantly improve the selling price.

Landscaping the outside space

You may not immediately think of garden landscaping as a means of adding value to your property. But, a well-designed garden is an asset. Many property buyers search for a home that has a garden which does not need any work; especially if they have a family. Expert landscaping is normally a safe bet when it comes to ensuring you get a good return on improving your property.

Replacing the windows in your property

Replacing the windows in your home can be expensive, but yo

u can still secure significant returns on your investment, if you are replacing old windows which are not energy efficient and which are detrimental to the exterior appearance of your home. For instance, did you know that installing energy efficient windows can reduce your energy costs by as much as 25%?

No matter whether you are making improvements before you place your home on the market, or simply trying to improve your living environment, you should always try to ensure that you get a good return on your investment, if possible. Making any of the improvements we have mentioned should help you to do this.

How to Choose the Best House Painter

Choose the Best House PainterDeciding to paint the interior or exterior of a home is a huge choice to consider.  This choice is even more important when pondering whether to embark on this task alone or to hire a professional painter.  While painting may seem like a simple endeavor, it is actually a professional skill that often requires additional expertise.  What’s more is that hiring a professional painter will take away the stress of having to paint an entire home and it will add time back into a busy homeowner’s schedule.

Here are a few suggestions on choosing a house painter who is reputable and who can get the job completed to satisfaction.

6 Great Decorating Ideas for Stair Risers

Decorating Ideas for Stair Risers

Decorating Ideas for Stair Risers

The stairs in your home are an important focal point. They are one of the first things that visitors see, so you want them to look good. It’s also good to change the look of your stairs from time to time, to help freshen up the décor in your home. (more…)

What Causes Dripping Taps?

What Causes Dripping Taps

What Causes Dripping Taps

The noise of a dripping tap can start to get on your nerves after a while. More importantly, the water which drips from a tap is wasted. This waste can end up costing you a significant amount of money over time, when it comes to paying your water bills. This is why it’s so important to ensure that dripping taps are dealt with, as soon as possible.

If you do not feel confident enough to deal with the problem yourself, you should contact a plumber in Mosman to help you resolve the issue. If you would rather try and deal with the problem yourself, here are some tips on how to stop water dripping from a traditional style tap.

Dripping Sink

Dripping Sink

Make sure the water is turned off before you start

As with any plumbing job in your home, you should make sure that the water supply to the property is switched off before you start. You should know where the main stop valve for your property is; you need to turn this off. Alternatively, you can turn off the isolation valve which relates to the tap you are dealing with. Always switch the tap on once you have switched off the water supply. Doing so enables you to get rid of any residual water.

Taking the tap apart

Once the water supply has been switched off, you can start to take the tap apart. The main screw for the tap is normally located underneath the cap, on the top. This screw needs to be released, in order to dismantle the tap. Before you do this, it’s a good idea to place the plug in its place in the sink. Doing this means that parts will not accidentally fall down the drain.

Releasing the spindle

This is what you need to do, once you have ensured that nothing is able to fall down the drain. In order to release the spindle, you simply need to loosen the nut which holds it in place. It’s possible for the tap to move when you try to do this. Keeping hold of the spout helps to limit the amount of movement that is possible. Once you have released the spindle, you need to check the washers. It’s likely that they are worn out, if the tap has been leaking. You simply need to replace the washers, and reassemble the tap.

Checking that you have solved the problem

Most of the time, taking these actions will solve the problem of a dripping tap. But, you still need to check if this is the case. Once the tap is back together again, you need to turn the water supply back on, as well as turning the tap on. You should be able to see whether the leak has been fixed.

If the tap is still dripping, it may be a good idea to ask a professional plumber to take a look at the problem. They have experience and expertise which they can use to help you.